Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Teaching Children Green

The secret to this world is our children. They are the ones who will carry on with running this world. If they run it the same way as many parents and grandparents then the world is doomed, just look at where we are right now in terms of a sustainable world.

We have to educate the children and the only real way to do that is to lead by example. There are so many ways in which this can be done from watching you turn a light off as you leave a room to shopping and choosing local produce. This needs to be explained as you do it they then have a visual and aural foundation to start off with.

Get the children to do green things like doing a bit of gardening and eating their own grown food, it can easily be started with a packet of mustard and cress seeds grown on a windowsill, the kids will love this especially as it only takes a few days to grow then they can move onto bigger things. The biggest thrill would be to eat what they have grown in a sandwich.

Watching television is the biggest cause of waste from advertising, get them hobbies to take up, there are a million and one things that children can do other than watch television. A simple thing like stamp collecting sound quite boring to many but one a kid has stamps in front of them, it will be a fascination they can’t put down. Starter kits are very cheap and would make an ideal present to children, they will spread the word to friends once they take it up and have swaps going in no time. Again it needs parents’ support throughout whatever hobby you decide they might want to try.

Activities such as bike riding can easily be done as a family. Bikes now are cheap and there are thousands of cycling lanes throughout the country that are traffic free. Join a bike club and go on runs with them. Every bike club if they are ay good should have runs designed for beginners or families. Biker are generally nice people who care about the environment as well so you will be in good company and this will rub off on your children.

Get you children involved in saving money and explain how they can contribute by doing this. At the shops is a great idea. Get them to find foods that are produced locally. You can even have a shopping list and your children can find out how many miles in total the foods on the list have to travel to get to the shop. Explain that is costs money to get food from one place to another and the shorter the journey the cheaper it is saving on fuel. You will find that they will be much more aware of their environment this way. What’s more they will remember doing this for the rest of their lives.

The future is our children and it is the parents who mould the children into adulthood. With green thinking and environmental care taken from their childhood experiences. This world will last longer and their own children will also be taught in the same way.

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