Wednesday, 7 January 2009

Cheese on Toast - The Best Food in the UK

I was a great fan of Brian Turner and respect his cooking advice totally. So when I came up against his advice on cheese on toast, I wondered how the best food in the UK could become better. Well look and try his advice on this one - I did and am still buzzing.
Turner’s Ultimate Cheese On Toast

Brian Turner CBE

Celebrity chef and restaurateur Brian Turner CBE has revealed his ultimate cheese on toast.

The chef, a regular on programmes such as Ready Steady Cook and Saturday Kitchen, laid out a comprehensive list of recipes in time for National Cheese On Toast Day, last month.

Included in this, is his favourite concoction, a mixture of piccalilli, horseradish and mild cheese, but Brian emphasises that the sour dough bread, rather than a normal loaf should be used and that the slices should be toasted on one side first before the toppings are spread out.

The mixture of chopped piccalilli provides the perfect taste and texture with a kick from the horseradish that makes this recipe one of Brian’s top tips.

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