Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Toilet Paper - Good Environmental Practise

Toilet Paper - Good Environmental PractiseThere are so many things we can to with toilet rolls to help reduce the negative effect on the environment. Many poeple just aren't aware of how to achieve this, hopefully this will help somewhat. Toilet paper is a favourite subject of mine. Toilet Paper - Good Environmental PractiseThe reasons are that there is a slight amount of humour attached to it and secondly, almost everyone in modern society use them as part of their daily lives, it household item that most can't do without. As I have said before, there are so many uses of toilet paper, but in the main it is just thrown away and no more thought is given about it. There are however many green ways to use your toilet paper that may give reason to practise.

  • Go for toilet paper that isn't individually wrapped. If we all did this, it would make a big different to the amount of plastic wasted and manufacturers would mo longer produce them as there would be no demand.
  • Please recycle your old toilet paper tubes, they can quite easily go alongside other cardboard and newspaper recycling.
  • If you tear the toilet paper from the top instead of under it actually saves a few squares every time the toilet paper is used.
  • Scented toilet papers? Bad, very bad! It is purely a marketing strategy to get customers to buy their brand of toilet paper over a non-scented brands. There are extra chemicals used to produce this scent, which is totally unnecessary.
  • Recycled toilet paper is the greenest way. It is used for a dirty job so why use toilet paper that comes straight from freshly cut trees. Any paper made from recycled material is best for the environment.
  • Bleached with chlorine reacts with paper to produce dioxins. Use unbleached toilet paper and you will be doing us all a favour.
  • Here's a useful one - Half the amount of toilet paper you use by switching to one-ply toilet rolls.
  • Toilet Paper - Good Environmental PractiseBuy toilet rolls that have more squares per roll. The roll will go further and again save on packaging waste. If you can afford it, bulk buy toilet paper, it is cheaper and saves a great deal of packaging waste.

Toilet Paper - Good Environmental PractiseFinally, and this doesn't apply to all, but toilet paper can be used very effectively for fire starter, either wood burners or garden bonfires. This avoids the need for flushing toilet paper down the toilet, which isn't good for drainage systems or the environment. Store the toilet paper in bucket lined with a very thin plastic bag. Store the filled and tied bags in a shed or garage then use as a fire starters for the wood burner/bonfires.

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