Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Mold Prevention - The Acts of Destuction

Mold Prevention - The Acts of DestuctionRight now is a prime time for mold to infest your home. The extended cold and damp weather during winter is a perfect breeding ground for these harmful bacteria. What's more it is not only horrible sight, but this is bad for the health of you and your family. Spores released by molds get into your eyes and nose to cause allergies giving irritation, congestion and headaches. You should act right now to prevent this.

As with most things, prevention is better than the cure and with regular checks in places that are know to have a build up of mold the problem will be eliminated. Every few weeks go to these places and give them a wipe with disinfectant; this doesn't just apply to winter, but all seasons. If you do this, mold will not seek a home there and this is the main way you can prevent it happening.

There is a routine you can take which will help you get this problem solved. Check every room in your home. Then go in cabinets and drawers and check out whether there is mold there already or damp patches, which will lead to mold. You can use a torch to illuminate dark places, which are mold's favourite hide outs..

Look at material that will hold moisture for example leather items. these again will be the first to attract mold. Jackets handbags, footwear tucked in a cupboard need to be checked out.

Mold Prevention - The Acts of DestuctionBleach is the destructor of mold. Armed with a solution of bleach in a spray gun and a cloth to wipe afterwards you will be a ‘moldbuster.’ You need to clean the area first with damp cloth spray with bleach and wipe off. One word of warning though, don’t use this system on your leather materials, just use a damp cloth for these and dry them out before returning them to their home.

Once the areas are bleached a wiped you can use a hairdryer to finish off the drying before closing areas off. In small areas such as cabinet and drawers, use bags of silica gel, which you will find in many white goods packaging. You may also buy these from good hardware stores otherwise.

Mold Prevention - The Acts of DestuctionWith all this in place yo should have a mold free environment and your health will be so much better. It doesn't take much to solve the problem. Many people just don't bother and suffer the consequences and in the long-term redecoration, replacement of furniture and poor health is the result.

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