Thursday, 29 January 2009

Home Made Bamboo Plants - Easy and Rewarding

Home Made Bamboo Plants - Easy and RewardingBamboo is so useful for so many things, it's food for Pandas, supports tomato plants, can be made intot a fishing rod, is a great house plant and there has even been a bicycle made out of it to name a few. It is also the fastest growing plant in the world. The bamboo as a present has been a popular choice over the last few years. Many are sold in shops in the high street, but surprisingly very little worth buying online. Making your own home made Bamboo plant is very easy and rewarding.

You will have happiness, prosperity and fortune for as long as you have a bamboo plant in your house according to the Chinese. Even if you don't believe that, it is a lovely ornamental plant to have around.

Home Made Bamboo Plants - Easy and RewardingThe bamboo you use as an indoor plant grow much slower than other bamboo that grows wild outside, this is due to the root system being constricted in a little area in the container.

You can make you own bamboo indoor plant very easily if you have access to a bamboo plant you can take cutting off to propagate.

There is no compost, fertiliser or other material needed other than water and stones. The method is to place the bamboo cane in a container and cover the roots with pebbles, stones or sand. Fill with water until and you have a ready made bamboo plant that needs very little maintenance.

Home Made Bamboo Plants - Easy and RewardingYou need to change the water once a week and that's it! You can train the bamboo into different shapes by bending and holding new soft growth bends with pipe cleaners.

So, right now you can save yourself a fortune, get your place looking better, add good karma to your home and lastly, but not least, have the satisfaction of having done something yourself rather than falling again to a consumer society that we are being forced to live every day of our lives.

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