Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Grossology Exhibit - The Best Education Medium for Kids

As a primary schoolteacher, education is always on the forefront of my mind. So when I come across an opportunity that give an ideal learning foundation done in a multi-sensory way I get excited. It is the thought of children attending and interacting on this science platform and coming out with something that they probably would never learn at home or at school. The tip is quite simply to get uyour children to the exhibit if you can. The learning curve is intense.

The Grossology Exhibit - Orlando Science Center is sponsored by the Arnold Palmer Hospital. It is an upbeat, bright, colourful and very much hands-on exhibit giving a great insight into matters of health and biology.

It is based upon the book called Grossology by Silvia Branei where the humorous and messy business of how our bodies work is shown. Having sold over 350,000 books worldwide, the exhibit has taken on the same name 'Grossology'. This is the second Grossology exhibition for the Orlando Science Centre, the first was held in 2006 with an animal theme.

There are many activities including puzzles, games, rock wall and a 30-foot long slide that replicates a digestive system in three-dimensional fashion. Then there is Nigel Nose-it-all who gives the run down of noses, sneezes and various allergies that we get.

If you have ever read the book you see that things have come tom life from it. Kids love this kind of stuff and it will seem like a holiday for them and learn at the same time. They will have an unfair advantage in biology science when they get back to school after visiting this exhibition.

In my experience as a teacher in the UK, this would have been definitely planned as a venue for a school trip. For schools in the Orlando area, they can count themselves very lucky to have such a resource to draw upon for young learners. There is no reason why you can’t attend from other areas if you can get transport there.

Wherever you are based, it is well worth a visit, but get your skates on as the exhibition open from 31st January 2009.



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