Monday, 12 January 2009

Great Shoebox Idea Made From Egg Boxes

I thought this was a great idea and great tips although I haven't seen these types of egg boxes in Bulgaria, I sure there are in other countries. Having just taken jogging up again I wish they did have them here. Anyway, shoeboxes from eggboxes, just seem to be made for each other looking at this. I guess you can paint ti as well to enhance the shoebox. Great to store as well as by the looks you can stack these as well.

Make and enjoy, but don't forget to use your trainers if that is what you are going to store in them. It's a great way to keep fit after Christmas and New Year celebrations, but you don't need that as an excuse to jog.

Shoebox is 100% Recycled. But Wait, There's More...
shoebox packaging photo

Here is a neat demonstration of good packaging design. You take the crappy coarse 100% recycled pulp that egg cartons are made of and you mould it around the shape of shoes so that you still have packaging to protect the shoes, but because it is the shape of the shoes rather than the shape of the box. Like an egg carton, the moulding adds strength so you can probably stack them pretty high.

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