Monday, 26 January 2009

Massaging - There Are Many Forms

Massaging - There Are Many FormsIf you have ever had a massage, either from your partner of from a professional masseur, you will know how good it feels. However, it is not just a case of pulling and pushing muscles to get you totally relaxed, there are other benefits alongside such as stress reduction, improved blood circulation and the release of endorphins. You may be interested to know that there are many forms of massage....

There is the Swedish Massage therapy, probably the best known. The method uses circular, kneading and long strokes on muscles with oil or lotion. The Deep Tissue Massage is specific massage being used to work in deeper layers of connective tissues and muscles. This is focused on severely tighten muscles an used as a remedy for injury recovery or reoccurring strains. The receiver of this type of massage could well remain sore from the treatment for several days after.

Massaging - There Are Many FormsThe Hot Stone Massage is another form. This uses warm stones on certain parts of the body to get an equilibrium of energy centres and also loosens and warms muscles that show stress and tightness. Then there is the Aromatherapy massage. This uses oils in in conjunction with the with massage. The oils used is chosen on individuals' needs to each individual person. An emotional element is attached to this form of massage essentially relating to a specific physical condition.

Massaging - There Are Many FormsFinally, there is the Shiatsu Massage. This is a Japanese type massage that embraces finger sequencing placed on meridian points of the body. Not to dissimilar to acupuncture, which improves the energy flow and balance the body.

Massage treatment is grossly underestimated for its effectiveness on the mind and body. You don't need to see a specialist to be treated. If you have a partner or friend, massaging each other will give some of the benefits. Of course you can delve deeper into different massaging techniques by researching further. The rewards from this will be well worth it.

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