Monday, 25 May 2009

Collect Ranwater And Save On Household Bills

I was talking to my cousin on Skype the other day and he was complaining about his water bill. He lives in Sydney, Australia and water is pretty expensive there. I suggested he gets a hole dug to make a well; this would be much cheaper once the investment was made. This is exactly what I have in Bulgaria, well water for free.

My cousin was quite sure that any water underground would be polluted and that it was a good idea but not in his location, but he did mention that the other source of water would be rain. It’s absolutely free and not polluted; it is just a matter of collecting it and storing it. He had found a company that make Sydney Water Tanks that specialise in Sydney Rainwater Tanks and he was going to contact them to get a few quotes.

I said that it sounded like the idea solution to an ongoing problem where thousands of people pay for water when there is a free alternative coming from the sky. If everyone got NSW Water tanks the saving, not only to their household budgets, but the cost on the environment would be tremendous.

I now am looking to see whether I can find some form of rainwater storage on for my farmhouse, it would be a great way to save even more on the electric it uses to get water out of my well.

A great tip from my cousin down under.

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