Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Date Locally - It's Greener

Our Second Date

There is so much now about meeting and dating people that are oceans apart that sometimes you forget that there are some lovely people in you own neighbourhood. You will have lots more in common with local people than those from different cultures and backgrounds. I always think of that song my Smokie, “Living next door to Alice.”

The problem with dating from afar is the logistics. Talking and chatting online is one thing but the frustrations sets in when you want to meet up. It is an expensive business travelling and on a first date you may want to stay in a hotel rather which is more expense.

There will be cultural differences that are not known until you meet. With local people you will have lots in common, lots to talk about and local issues that can be discussed. You can meet and have a date easily and get back home in the same day and of course both share information on the best restaurants to go to.

The is a local chat room where you can meet local people. You may well meet someone real close to you and get on like a house on fire. It is more environmentally friendly to date someone locally as well so you be doing the planet a favour as well.

The tip is to look for love locally before looking afar, you may strkie lucky, save yourself lots of money and be kinder to the environment by using less travel.

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