Thursday, 14 May 2009

DIY - Have A Go And Save Money

DIY - Have A Go And Save Money

All you people who think you are no good at DIY, think again. It is only a matter of having a go that makes the difference. I use to think that I was the world’s worse DIY man. Everything that need fixing was left to the professionals until I came to Bulgaria. Everyone is a DIY person here and I now am no exception.

It has been a few weeks now that I look with envy at other peoples’ kitchen sinks and find that their taps aren’t leaking. Mine has been leaking for months now, but I have never had the confidence to repair is myself or get someone in to do it for me. It looked very complicated and the though of doing something wrong would cause me to have no water in the kitchen and it would cost more to get fixed.

Last weekend I took it upon myself to have a go, that dripping tap on my kitchen sink was really annoying and was getting worse each week. I got all my tools ready and changed my clothes and the most important thing was to make sure that I took my time, something that I find hard to do.

The water was turned off and the tap was removed from the sink. That was easy enough. Then I took the top of the tap to fin that the sealing bolt was loose inside, this was where the water was seeping through. A quick tightening of that bolt and the tap put back together and I was feeling quite please with myself at this point. I expected rubber washers to be replaced but this tap was quite a modern one and didn’t have any to my relief.

The tap was fixed back onto the sink and the water turned back on. Would you believe it, the whole thing work perfectly and no leaks! This would have cost a fortune if a professional had done it. I feared that I might have to buy a new tap when I started, but a small tightening of a bolt inside the system solved the problem and it took less than 20 minutes to do.

The tip here is to have go at some home DIY repairs; be careful with gas and electric though. The money you will save will be substantial and the feel good factor I now know you get is even more of a reward.
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