Monday, 11 May 2009

Sweet Carpets, Toilets and Kettles

Toilet and Coffee Maker

Sweet smelling carpets, sparkling toilets and tea or coffee kettles that look new, how can this be achieved? You don't have to go out and buy new, a tip here will give you exactly that without minimum cost and in an environmentally friendly way.

Great springtime is here and things are looking much brighter, but without a spring clean the inside of your home is still in winter mode. Let’s take you carpet for instance. Don’t bother going out and buying chemical based deodorizers; all you need is baking soda or dried lavender petals to deodorize your carpets. Use these instead to save money and of course not pollute you home.

Toilets, I personally never let my own toilet get dirty, but there is after a time the built up of mineral deposits. Use vinegar to remove these mineral deposits from toilets from under the rim and in the tank. All these toilet grim buster advertised on TV are a waste of money!

For teakettles, and coffee makers that also have mineral deposit that have built up, again the simple use of vinegar will do the job nicely giving you a tea and coffee that tastes fresher after the treatment and prolong the life of you kettles.

Thing are so easy to clean for next to nothing, don't let commercial pressure from chemical based products lead you astray.

Image by Seabamirum via Flickr

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