Thursday, 28 May 2009

Tips On How To Protect You Holiday Home

Tips On How To Protect You Holiday HomeI know many people who have apartments and use them for vacations and holidays, one of the biggest worries is maintenance whilst they are away. This is a major headache to the owners and or course ruins their holidays as the end up having to repair or deal with the problems that occur in the apartment when they get there.

I know one friend who had had leaking taps as they froze over the winter and when defrosted leaked ruining the kitchen floor. They were on the ground floor so luckily no one beneath them got affected. Another friend of the family got broken into and the apartment was ransacked and trashed. This wasn’t’ found out until 2 months later on their arrival. Both parties had their vacation ruined by not having anyone to maintain or check up on their apartment while they were away.

One of the friends in question now have maxim enterprises to look after their property whilst they are away. There are many companies like this around but Maxim was in their area and had a great reputation. They provides a wide range of home maintenance for property owners winterisations are one of the their specialists areas along with mold remediation, lawn maintenance and more. All this is done a very reasonable prices and certainly would saved hundreds if no thousands of dollars as my friend found out by not using services like this before.
Having a second home for holidays is great, in fact a luxury, but without maintenance whilst empty is a liability not worth the risk as some have found to their peril.

The tip here is to initially consult and then seriously consider making use of their services for a trouble free vacation year in year out!

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