Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Looking For A Locksmith?

Looking For A Locksmith?Last week we had a friend call around our house, she was quite distressed, as she couldn't get into her house. She had lost her key and didn't know what to do. The only way she could think of getting in the house was to smash a window. She had come to us for advice, but we really couldn't help her or come up with any other solution.

If only there was a decent locksmith in town, we could call then and they could wrangle a way in using their specialist equipment and expertise. But in Yambol we don't have such a luxury. It reminds me of locking my car key in the boot of my car and stuck in the middle of nowhere not being able to drive. I had to take the back seats out to gain access to the boot, if only there was a locksmith I could have called it would have been so much easier.

Of course some people are lucky they have Dave the Arlington Locksmith who give a first class locksmith service at unbeatable prices. He specialises in Rekey, Locks, and Installation and of course emergence unlocking which is something my friend and I could have done with on occasions such as last week.

Without Dave there as he is in Arlington USA, we had to go back to my friend’s house and break a window to get in. Maybe Dave can get a business set up here, there is certainly a demand for it and no doubt instant response and customer satisfaction abound as in Arlington. It's not only a new lock that is required but a new window! What an inconvenience losing your key, getting lock out without Dave around.

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