Monday, 4 May 2009

Don't Search Let Google Alert You

Google alert tool is a great facility, but it is not used by vast amounts of online users who perhaps either don't know about it or just like the chore of search for the same thing day in day out.

For those of you who doin't know, this extremely useful tool, Google alert is very simple. It searches a subject or topic for you so directly a new post of news item is published you are alerted immediately. This will save many people time and give them an edge if they rely on up to the minute information. It is a tip that has been around for quite a while now, but like I said is not used to the full extent.

I have been using the Google alert tool for a few months now and the amount of time I have saved where I know I would have been surfing for ages for new material for some of my information blogs. Wasting time searching for specific topics is and has been a thing of the past for quite a while now.

By the way Yahoo do something similar but not as detailed.

Don't Search Let Google Alert You

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