Sunday, 28 March 2010

10 Tips On How To Get Up In The Morning

The worse time of the day has to be when you have just woken up and have to get out of bed. For me the biggest hurdle is trying to drag myself away from my partner who I am normally cuddled up to when I wake up. The are many people who find it difficult to get up in the morning so I though I'd give some tips on how to make it easier.

  • If you are a couple, have to single beds rather than a double bed
  • If the floor is cold, place a rug or a mat that you will stand on by the side of the bed exit
  • Your alarm should play soothing music and have a snooze function
  • Leave the curtains open overnight and you should wake up to natural light in the morning
  • In the winter have a side light switched on in the morning and acclimatise to the light for ten minutes before arising
  • Buy an automatic teasmaid and use it. The sound of trickling tea in the morning is a great sound
  • Don't put your clothes on straight away use a dressing gown, it is so much easier to put on on when you're half asleep
  • Wear pyjamas at night, the cold firs thing in the morning will disappear
  • Think of your partner and make him\her breakfast while they snooze more, take it in turns to do this
  • Go to bed earlier, it is far easier getting up after an extended night of sleep
All these tips will help you get over the worse part of the day and yo never need to be late fro work again. I must admit the hardest tip is to have two single beds, but that's just me being a softie!

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