Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Tips On How To Ruin A Relationship

Relationships happen all the time, many last others don't. The tip here is to follow the following rules that will ensure your relationship will break up. On the other hand don't take these steps and you will be more sure of a lasting relationship something all sane people would like.

  • Don't Listen to your partner - Simple just don't take in what they are saying especially when it is an emotional outburst and talking about their feeling. Turn away and ignore them.
  • Historical Baggage - Lay on your partner all the things that have happened in the past continually, especially previous relationship and compare them with your current partner.
  • No Commitment - After a while when relationships are established refuse flatly to any commitment together, i.e. joint bank accounts, buying a home together, getting married etc. Your excuse being that you don't trust your partner.
  • Sex - Don't bother about giving your partner an orgasm, just think of you own.
  • The Family - Have your family around all the time and make excuses for your partner's family not to be invited. If they do turn up, ignore them.
  • Work Rules - Never stop working, even in bed at night with accounts.

When you finally to break up the relationship you should be glad and relieved rather than sad and deflated.
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