Monday, 15 March 2010

Bifocal Prescription Eyeglasses + Shades For Under $20

Your eyes are important and looking after them must be a priority. Many people need glasses to correct their vision and this can be an expensive business. I myself have worn glasses for over 40 years and up until now it has been an expensive disability with the price of prescription glasses at my optician. However, here's a tip for eyeglass wearers that can save you wads of money, by ordering their prescription glasses online.

It is only recently that I discovered that I had been paying 'over the top' for my prescription eye glasses. I always had in my mind that buying elsewhere would be a risk in terms of quality and professional standing in service and after sales service. Well I have now had my mind un-blinkered as my optician obviously had his business to think about when he insisted that buying his eye glasses in his store where the only safe option. Beside that you felt obliged to buy there after just having an eye test.

No longer as I have found an online site that sell prescription eye glasses giving a far greater range to choose from that my optician and using the latest modern materials. Coming directly from the manufacturer, there is no profiteering from 'middlemen' or unnecessary overheads from retail stores. The #1 online Rx glasses store stops you paying stupid money for brand name eye glasses is just foolhardy when you can get just the same quality from other manufacturers. Okay wearing glasses is a matter of personal fashion, but fashion doesn't have to be expensive. If you think that then you have been conned with commercial tactics that lead you to believe it.t.

Prescription eyeglasses are important for your health and a necessity for most who need them. This is why I am more than pleased to have found this source of eye glasses that provide high quality fashionable products with safety and comfort at mind alongside more than reasonable and affordable prices.

For under $20 I have found a pair of eyeglass (see the picture) that are just up my street being bifocal and come with a clip on shades. All I need is my current prescription and I could be wearing them within the week with a full guarantee included. The same type of glasses in my opticians would be in excess of $120! Now that is a tip to be reckoned with.

For more details you can go and check out Eric's Review of Zenni Optical. If you are an eyeglass wearer it is in your interests financially to fin the Lowest Price Progressive Glasses. Why should eye glass wearers be taken advantage of just because they have to wear eye pieces? This now could well be the end of 'rip off' in your retail stores and excellent news for people like me. A tip well worth taking up next time you need eye glasses.

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