Saturday, 27 March 2010

Do You Have A Storage Boiler? - There Is A Better Alternative

A great tip on how to save money on heating bills is to consider the type of water heater you have. It has been the standard for many a year for homes to have storage heaters as ready to use hot water at any time seems a good system to have in place. But are storage heaters as efficient as other forms of providing your household with hot water?

Well I used to thing that my storage boiler switched on all the time was efficient. Once the water had reached the required temperature it would just have a trickle of electric keeping the water at that temperature. Of course if I used some hot water it would requite more electric as cold water to top up the boiler needed heating. This to me now is not the way to prudence in providing hot water, especially when it is provided only for two people in the household.

The way forward is for tankless heaters and the environmental benefits of tankless heaters has been proved as it only heat up water you use. What could be more simple? It is the case that I am seriously considering getting rid of my boiler (and it's quite new)and replacing it with a tankless system just like the San Francisco water heater company provide.

This tip is taken on by millions who have inefficient boilers sapping the energy that this earth provides, it would make a major contribution to the world environment. Furthermore what you can expect is an endless supply of piping hot water immediately and of course lower electric bills.

Saving money and and world is exactly what this tip does and what this blog is about!
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