Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Take A Break At Lunchtime - It Makes Sense To Do So

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If you work all day you know that lunchtimes is a very important time and what you do in that time will determine how the afternoon goes. It was the case where lunchtimes were used to catch up on other things such as shopping or other errands that involve running around or working like a headless chicken before lunchtime ends. How wrong was I in those olden days to do such things and not even have time for a snack. The tip today is to take a break during lunchtime it make total sense. 

Since taking a full hour for lunch, sitting down and eating then for 30 minutes after a cup of tea I slip my hat on to cover my eyes and doze off in the chair or lie down if there is a place to do so doing and doze off. Since doing this daily so my energy levels have increased tenfold for the afternoon of work. My head is clear and thinking straight and the time just whizzes past with my mind focused on the jobs in hand. This is a new lease of life I have discovered since coming to Bulgarian, taking a break is a major find.

Think to yourself, why am I rushing at lunchtimes. There is always other times to do the jobs that you feel you have to do in your time allocated for a break. Some people I know don't take any break at all and work through their lunchtimes, (all for extra money of course) and they look ill. Money is not the most important thing, your health is. not only that these lunchtime workers are less efficient at their work without the mental break and the boost of energy from food and drink needed after a morning of slog.

So whatever your profession, make sure you allocate time during midday for food and rest, it makes so much sense to do so. I won't go into what foods to eat, but something is better than nothing and a ten minutes close of the eyes is better than not rest of the mind.

You boss will thank you for taking a break at lunchtime when they see your work rate rise in the afternoons.
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