Wednesday, 10 March 2010

City Walking Tours - Save Money And See More

Top: City of London skyline, Middle: Palace of...
Having spent most of my life in London it is quite amazing how little I know about the City. The saying goes that you don't know what is on your doorstep. It was only when I moved away from the Capital I began to learn more about the place. In fact I knew more about Paris than London whilst living in England biggest City. It is quite strange that my hobby is walking but I chose country locations to do it. I'd never thought of walk in urban areas such as London or Paris. It was always a bus or a taxi to destination in the City.

Well last year I returned to London as a tourist not a resident and found some great walks seeing the sites. I never knew there were so many parks and landscaped areas within the centre of London. Being a keen photographer, what better way to get pictures than to be on foot. Far better than being on a stuffy bus or paying through the nose with taxis. I was lucky though as my stay there was subsidised by staying with family - no Hotel bills to worry about.

My plan this year is to visit Paris and do exactly the same thing namely touring by waling with my camera ready for action - I can't wait. It will be more expensive though as I will need a selection Paris Hotels to stay at. Well at least I don't have to put up with sleeping on the sofa as I did in London and there are quite a few bargain a few Kilometres outside the centre of Paris.

The tip here is to recommend walking in cities, you see and experience things you would never see any other way, it's good for your health and the environment and saves you money. In fact the tip is commensurate to this blogs principles of saving money and the world!

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