Sunday, 14 March 2010

Good Healthy Teeth Is Basically Down To Education

Photograph of mild fluorosis.
Tips on how to keep health teeth is definitely not being taken up by most people. Looking around me there are so many people with bad teeth it is quite disturbing. There are simple things to can do to ensure your teeth remain in good condition throughout your life. I must put my hand up and admit that at 51 years of age my teeth are in almost perfect condition. Apart from being hit with a cricket ball my teeth are good enough to see me through to my pension if I carry on with the practices I have been a lifetime's habit.

I put people who have bad teeth down to lack of education. So let me start to educate and give a list of the things I do to keep my teeth in tip top condition:

  • Visit your dentist for check ups and cleaning at least once a year (no surprise there)
  • Make sure your vitamin C intake is on pare with the recommended does each day
  • Drink tea whenever you get a choice of a hot drinks
  • Only carbohydrates to three times a day
  • Use a straw to drink cold soft drinks
  • Make sure you have a calcium intake daily (milk or cheese based products)
  • An apple a day not only keeps the doctor away, but the dentist as well
  • Go for whole grain bread every time
  • Finally, brush your teeth, gently for at least 3 minutes after each mealtime (Use an egg timer)
  • Don't smoke
  • If you play contact or ball sports, consider using a gum shield
If you follow these tips you will certainly ensure your teeth will not only last much longer, but will be healthier. The other benefit is of course that and you will have the choice of all foods with good teeth that can manage any type of food.

I am not a dentist or profess to be an expert of teeth and gums, but I draw conclusion form personal experience and consultation the various dentists who made educational visits to the schools I taught in, in the UK.
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