Friday, 1 August 2008

Freezer Advice

A freezer is now an essential element to your daily living for most, even Eskimos use them! But how many people know how to look after them and make them run most efficiently and how to manage the contents within?

I have gathered some useful tips on how to look after and run you freezer and its contents

Always think about where you have you freezer, a garage away from windows is a good place, as unlike a fridge it will not be constantly used throughout the day and night. Keep is away from heat emitting appliances such as an oven of even a fridge which generates heat.

Upright freezers are less efficient than chest freezers. There are tow reasons for this, firstly chest freezers are generally better insulated and secondly, when the freezer is open the cold air remains and the hotter air from the outside will always rise, not drop into the chest freezer below. So when considering buying take a good serious look at the chest freezer option.

You occasionally need to check the temperature of the freezer to know whether it is running efficiently. To do this you need place a thermometer between frozen packages, this will give a more accurate reading if left there overnight.

Defrosting manual refrigerators and freezers needs to be done regularly. The frost buildup will increase the amount of energy needed to keep the motor running making it more expensive to run. The guiding advice is, don't allow frost to build up more than one-quarter of an inch.

Putting any food you want to defrost into the fridge the night before you want to use it. this is a very good idea as it will this help keep your fridge cold, and therefore save on power consumption. There are many who microwave fro defrosting, this is such a waste of energy and with a bit of forward planning will save you wads.

Keeping your freezer full is the most efficient way for your freezer to run most efficiently. The mass inside will help your refrigerator recover quicker each time the freezer door is opened. Place plastic bottles filled with water or freezer proof plastic cartons in the areas that are empty. You don't have to buy more food to make it more efficient, just fill up the spaces.

Finally, if you find that you freezer is regularly half empty or more, consider buying a smaller model, the money you save will pay for itself.

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