Friday, 8 August 2008

Five Star Tips to Saving Money


How much to you spend on snacks between you big main meals? Add it up over the week of month. It;s a fortune I bet. Why not pack your own lunch snacks Buying pre-made snacks over the shop counter is convenient, but a massive waste of money and resources. You can buy little snack bags and then purchase the snacks in bulk. The night before just prepare a snack bag for you to take with you in the morning. It doesn't take more than a moment to do this and you will be saving each time.


When you cook dinner, plan to cook a bit extra. Why? It is cheaper overall to cook in bulk and you will have leftovers that you can eat later or the next day without having to cook again. Saving on time and energy. you can use the leftovers as part of you daily work snacks or use for you children's' lunch at school if they have packed lunches. If you pack the snacks right away after your meal that is one less thing to do in the normal hectic morning routine.


If you cook a lot then freeze a lot. If you like potatoes, rice or pasta and eat it regularly, cook enough to last you a week then put it into portions and freeze. Again time the energy saved will make a big difference. If might be a good idea to use one Sunday to do this. You can even make enough for a month saving even more time and money. Don't forget the freezer is there and is more efficient being full as well.


Buy in bulk! Batteries, toilet tissues, light bulbs, washing up liquid etc. are much cheaper bought in bulk and even cheaper from a cash and carry warehouse. You need never run out of these time again and save at the same time. this also gives yo time to wait for a sale of promotion to take advantage of, another bonus of not having to buy these items there and then at premium prices.


Apart from luxury products, what is the most expensive food? It has to be meat so the advice here is to think carefully abut how much meat you buy. If you cut back on meat it will be better for your health, cheaper on you budget and the saving of energy as meat tends to take longer to cook than other foods. Have a vegetarian meal a few times a week. If you do have meat cut down on the meat content and substitute other non-meat ingredients as part of the meal.

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