Friday, 22 August 2008

Professional Window Cleaning for Everyone

Do you clean your own windows or get someone else to do it?

If you hire someone to do it save yourself some money and do it yourself. It is good gentle exercise and unless there is danger involved in getting access to your windows, there is no reason why you can't get results as good as the professionals that costs you nothing.

Here is a guide on how to get a professional standard of window cleaning that can quite simply be done by yourself.

The correct equipment is the most important thing to begin with. You will need:
  • Squeegee (30 cm or longer)
  • Clean scrubber
  • Sponge,
  • Soap or cleaning fluid
  • Clean lint free cloth
  • Lots of clean water
The scrubber is the first thing you use to get the dirt off the window. You will need to use lots of water when doing this

A clean sponge should be used with soap or cleaning fluid to cover the all of the glass.

The squeegee technique is to hold it at an angle and move in the same direction as the water runs down the glass. side strokes rather than up and down are the best method. Ensure all the soap or cleaning fluid is wiped off and don't leave any streaks on the glass. When you use the squeegee remember to wipe off any excess fluid on the blade on each stroke.

Take the lint free cloth and wipe around all edges of the window and ledge, By doing this you will have got rid of any water marks that were left behind.

With ground level windows this system works very well, but what about higher windows? There are useful products that make it possible to clean the upstairs windows in your home successfully with no need for ladders! There are now extendable water fed poles that actually clean the windows and on the end of these you can fix on squeegees that wipe away the excess cleaner and water.

You need to practice and have a reasonable hand eye co ordination, but the extendable squeegees are very flexible and the head can be turned to do the sidewards strokes which effectively doesn't cause too many streaks. These were originally commercial products, but are now readily available to anyone. The time and effort saved with these is substantially reduced.

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