Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Buying a New Car

Buying a new car?

Why on earth would you want to do that? This is the surest way to waste money especially paying the full asking price that is displayed on the windscreen in the showroom.

Let's look at why you want a new car in the first place. I was going to question why you actually need a car; however, that another argument.

The facts are that you lose up to 20% of the value of the car the moment it is signed over as your car. So, if you buy a new car at £20,000 you have just said goodbye to up to £4,000 the moment it's yours. No one will buy a car at showroom prices once the registration document has shown a previous owner! This is the biggest and most expensive reason to forget the deal.

Okay so you're prepared to throw that money away and still want to get a new car. Fine, then look at the price on the windscreen, never pay that price. A haggle is always something you should take part in. forget your inhibitions, the car dealers are laughing behind your back if buyers don't haggle, don't let then 'Take the Mick!'

So you've got £500 off by haggling, don't stop there. Look at the freebies they've thrown in the deal. Are they offering cash back, a free holiday, two years insurance or RAC AA cover for a few years? If you want to swap these for further discount push for it. That could be another few hundred pounds less for the car!

Look for adding extras onto the car for the same price, maybe a stereo upgrade or air conditioning, even if you don't get the full upgrade within the price you may certainly get it at a subsidised prices, something that yo wouldn't get once you've bought the car. Use you position as buyer to your advantage, you are at you re strongest at this point and at you weakest once you're the owner.

Don't take no as an answer to reasonable haggling, if necessary go away and come back after a couple of days and ask again. In the financial climate of today the car will still be for sale and you will be in an even stronger position.

Finally, have another think about buying a new car, the money you waste by doing this is just crazy.



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