Saturday, 16 August 2008

Acne Advice

Having never had acne before I really don't know how mach grieve suffers had had. It is common, age related condition affecting both boy and girls from generally from puberty to up to 25 years. Some times acne can persist to 40 years of age.

If you do suffer from this or know someone who does you should take this simple advice on board to help matters.

Do not pick, it will just make the part picked worse and spread infection, the same applies with using a rough cloth to rub your face, this has the same affect. Steroids such as Betnovate flucort shouldn't be used on your face this will not help nor will the use of medicated soap or excessive cosmetics, oil or cream.

Acne is not a diet related problem so don't change you diet with the though that it will help. Always known in you mind that this is completely curable and you should think about this positive aspect if every you get down or depressed

You can do many positive things to help matters such as cleaning you face frequently with plain soap and water or using a wet tissue to wash your face is the soap leave you too dry. Also drink plenty of liquid, water is best.

You should always consult a doctor and never take the advice of 'old wives tales' which could leave you scarred in some instances. the doctor can give prescriptions that have been tried and tested along with other medically proven advice that has foundation.

If it important to know there is always light as the end of the tunnel with acne. It does go away eventually it could be next week or next year and that is where you focus should be.

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