Thursday, 14 August 2008

Getting rid of Ants

There are many way to stop ants invading you home. The whole point of this is to stop you spending loads of money on insecticide and polluting your own ho,e with the poisons they contain. It's not good for you pocket or health!

One way is to use a simple and natural source of talcum powder, Create a barrier where you think they are getting into the home. Ants will not walk through that barrier, they hate it. Of course yo may need to retrace the boundary after rain it was placed outside. When the ant season ends you simple vacuum up the powder and wait again for the marching in spring. The bonus with this is that you have a scented environment as well!

Another idea is you insist on using poison to rid yourself of invading ants is to put some sugar mixed with the ant killer (borax) planting the mixture on a trail close to the nest. Ant will collect the powder and use it as feed brought back into the their nest. Effectively they have no poison their own community, including the queen ant.

Finally, this tried and tested method is given as follows: Get hold of some cinnamon. Just leave bits around the place on ant trails and they will not bother coming back to areas that have been planted. No scientific explanation for this. It just seems ants don't like cinnamon and that's good for us as it natural, it doesn't have to kill ants and it smells nice.

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