Monday, 18 August 2008

Two Way Shopping Saver


One of the most wasteful ways of spending necessary money is not plan ahead what you need. The ideal way to overcome this is to plan a weekly menu. By doing this you will now exactly what you need on a day to day basis and not have to visit the shops more than once a week. You know exactly what happens when you shop for the odd produce you will buy more than just that one or two items you went for.

Planning menus prevents you from having to shop again to supplement your larder. Try to ensure that your list is complete and that you have you have enough to serve your family dinners for each week. If you do plan a weekly menu it would be a good ideal to have the same menu for the following week, this way you can shop for two weeks at once.


How many time have you heard the saying, don't go shopping when you are hungry? Lots of time no doubt. But how many people just don't take that advice? Again lots of people in fact I'd go as far as to say that most go shopping when they are hungry.

Just don't do it, don’t go shopping when you’re hungry take the advice that is given time and time again. The reason the advice is heard so often is it’s absolutely true. When hunger is there so it the will to buy all kinds of junk and spending far more than you wanted to. Make it your routine to have a good meal before you go shopping and almost certainly you will have the stick to your list.

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