Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Buy Store Brands

This again is a play on buying local products, this time it's about buying store brands. Politics aside we are looking at what is best for you and at the same time best for the environment. Doing it this was you actually save money and in most cases save on transportation which in turn means a more green policy.

The big brand names just sit there waiting to be picked up but by their side are the store brands in their economic, plain packaging, another plus for the environment. Also why pay extra for the packing which is just going to be thrown away when the goods are used? There's no point.

You may think that store brands are inferior in quality, think again, if you look closely at the origin of the food supplier many are actually supplied by the same. The difference is just in processing and packaging, the raw ingredients in most cases are exactly the same. Therefore most goods are just as good a quality and in some cases exceed the quality and freshness of the big brand equivalent.

Do you really want to pay for the big brands advertising bill? If you do, that is exactly what you are doing, paying extra for there advertising overheads. You should feel quite aggrieved with this and this alone should be a reason to choose store brands

Give the store brand a try you will be quite surprised in most cases, what have to you lose. The chances are that you even won’t notice a difference once out of the packaging and look at the money you save. The positive contribution you will make to the environment is an added bonus and you should feel proud of yourself.

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