Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Wise Shopping

Shopping is a chore to many of us and what makes it worse is that the chore cost money, in many cases more money than you bargain for. Why? Because shops are business, business is out to get as much money out of you as possible and they know all the tricks of the trade to do that. Billions of pounds have been spent on knowing how the shoppers mind works and that's what they play. That's why you spend more than you bargained for more.

You can take some counter action and fight again being drawn into spending money that you really don't want to spend. There are ways you can do this, tricks of your own that you can use against the bullies of spending. To help you I have given some tips on how to avoid being sucked into aiding their gaping profits.

Always go with a list. This is probably the best advice of all and covers all eventualities. If you stick to the list you can't go wrong, or can you? Read on.

Firstly let's look at someone going without a list and most do. There is a 90% chance that you will forget things added to which you will now bow to the advertisers campaigns in force and spend things on thing you don't really need, in fact you might as well just give them your credit card and pin number. This is no joke, the buying trap is in force for those without a shopping list. Next time you go to a supermarket just look at the shopper without a list, they just wonder around looking for things and being pulled towards promotions on things they don't want or need to buy, it's true.

To avoid overspending you need to prepare a list of everything you need, not want, just need. Make sure you don't forget anything otherwise this again can lead to trouble.

If you don't include everything you need on the list and remember something you didn't include when going around the shops, you will buy something that is not on the list and that is the start of the avalanche! Remember what I said about taking a list and nothing can go wrong? Well this is a possible flaw in the system.

So, a list it is then. Make the list in the kitchen, that's where most of the stuff you will need will be and if you have a partner or family make the list as a team this really helps you not to forget things.

Happy shopping wise and think of the money you will now save.



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