Monday, 4 August 2008

Dangers from Childrens Toys

Having taught children professionally for a good many years, it is a concern for the safety of many children that comes before anything else. With this I have drawn up some tips to reduce the risks involved.

The Three and Under

Everything goes into in the mouths of the under threes. Don't buy toys that are intended for older children, they may well have small parts that could well cause choking if swallowed.

Uninflated and fragmented popped balloons, they are a big danger and should not be played with. The dangers involved are again down to possible choking. Never let under threes play with these it may seem quite innocent but the danger is always there.

Glass marbles, other small balls, and games with small balls that have a diameter of of less than 4 cm are another big potential problem. Yet another oral choking hazard to the young children.

Pulling, prodding and twisting toys is something normal with the under threes. Only well-made robust toys should be tended with tightly secured eyes, noses and other parts.

Toys with sharp edges and points are still being made, check this before buying.

Up to Five Years

Thin, brittle plastic made toys that break easily therefore resulting into small pieces with sharp edges is something that needs to be tested before buying. Just look at the material and the density of the plastic, that should tell you enough.

Art materials, such as crayons and painting sets should have the mark "ASTM D-4236." This would give clearance by official toxicologist telling you that the products are toxic free and come with advice on the product. This mark will also give any warning that you need to be know about the product. Always check for this mark before buying.

Education is the best form of defence therefore it would be a good idea to teach the older brothers and sisters to keep their own toys away from their younger brothers and sisters. The toys may be fine for more responsible older children but may well be a danger to the younger ones.

Up to Twelve Years

Toys should be checked ever so often for breakage and potential hazards created from these. Damaged toys should be repaired if possible or simple thrown away, not passed on to other children or charity shops.

Advice on toy guns is important nowadays. With any toy gun make sure the barrel or the entire weapon is brightly coloured so that it's not mistaken for a real gun. My advice is not to buy guns in the first place then the problem of this is eliminated straight away.

Bicycles are great but whatever yo do don't forget to buy the helmet with it. There should be a campaign that you cannot buy a bike without producing a helmet for the owner. Even more important, make sure it is worn every time

Being tidy was something I taught all children in schools, it make so much sense. so when children have finished playing get them to put the toys away so they don't trip over and hurt themselves and also prevent toys being broken and thrown away.

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