Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Doorbells Versus Knockers - Knockers Win!

Doorbells Versus Knockers - Knockers Win!A Classic Knocker

Electricity is expensive for the household and every home should be thinking about trying to restrict the energy that is used. It is not only good for the household finance with cheaper electricity bills, but also for the environment and peace of mind knowing you are doing your bit.

Everything should be considered on ways of saving energy and the tip here is to look at your doorbell if you have one. It is either power directly from the mains or from a battery and that of course means using up energy that can be saved on. The more visitors you get the more energy is used up. Now I’m not suggesting for one moment that you discourage visitors but look at alternative ways of them making their presence known.

Before electrically powered doorbell gadget came out home used to have a knocker. This is something that would be good coming back into fashion. Knocking on the front door is also much more fun than pressing a button. Think about it. Over the period of a few years you will have made a difference with the energy you would have saved by using a manual knocker on your front door and it can be a fashion statement with thousands of designs to choose from.

I personally got rid of my electric doorbell years ago and have a knocker, but even this isn’t used as the dog is my doorbell.
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