Sunday, 20 December 2009

Extend The Life Of Your Boots With Leftovers

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Here’s a tip that I picked up only yesterday at work and very useful it is as well. It eliminates waste and is put to good use to extend the life of footwear. If ever you are using glue or putty fro filling in gaps in walls or repairs on your car bodywork you are bound to have some left over when you have finished the job here’s what to do with it.

Simply use the leftover putty or glue and apply it to the sole of shoe or boots you may have. It will give further life to the soles and more cushioning when walking. It may not be practical to use it on all footwear, but working boots and walking footwear will certainly benefit from this application from material that would normally be thrown away.

I had some car filler putty applied to my working boots yesterday and it works really well. It is a tried and tested method that many of my workmates have used for years and of course typically Bulgarian in practical application that makes complete sense.
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