Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Short Hair Saves Money And The Environment

Short Hair Saves Money And The EnvironmentStill Pretty - But short

It may seem like quite a strange thing to do to save energy, but having short hair makes a massive difference to the amount of energy that is used to look after it. What on earth am I talking about I hear you ask? Well making saving on energy comes in all forms and many ways are just not thought of and this is one.

Fair do, if you are set on having long hair and spend hour upon hour each week washing it, using electric curlers then blow drying and frequent trips to the hair designer using their electrical systems to get you hair just right, you have to live with the guilt of using electric purely for vanity. Have you every considered having short hair designs that are just a trendy but more economical and environmentally friendly? If not think about it.

I not suggesting we all go around bald, (which also seems to be the fashion with men right now) but just reduce the amount of hair that need washing and drying. It is a simple equation of the more hair you have the more hot water you use and the longer the hair dryer is running. On top of this long hair needs more frequent washing added to the energy needed. It makes so much sense without even to mentioning healthier hygiene with short hair.
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