Friday, 11 December 2009

Back To Basics Using Chalk and Chalkboards

A chalkboard.

Back to basics sometimes is the best solution. A tip on how to save paper and chemically based writing materials can be made simply by doing exactly that. Whether at home or at work using pens and paper is a common for various tasks. Why not go back to the chalk and chalkboard?

The chalk and chalkboard was something I used when teaching in schools for a number of years and its use was really quite underrated. Why other industries don’t use it more often is a mystery when you consider the cost effectiveness. This is certainly a consideration that should be taken into account as business are not just about making money but cutting overheads and saving money as well.

The idea occurred as work here where they use chalk and a metal door to record number units that are manufactured there. Every evening these are taken and recorded in a computer database and the chalk is rubbed off ready for the next day’s figures. There is no wasted paper or plastic pens that have to be disposed of. The additional benefit is that you can’t lose the information on a door unlike a bit of paper, which adds to the practicalities of using this system.

If you are currently using pens and paper look to see whether you can change to a chalk and chalkboard system and give the environment a little extra help.
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