Monday, 7 December 2009

Short Shared Showers - Good For The Environment

Short Shared Showers - Good For The Environment

Taking a shower is meant to save on water and heating opposed to having a bath, but that of course depends on how long you are in the shower. I for one love a bath but take quick showers to save on water, electric and an always aware of the time spent doing this.

Just one minute less time spent in a shower could over an extended period make big difference in you electric or gas bills. Just think of the money and energy wasted by just standing in the shower doing nothing. If you are that way inclined then perhaps you would be more economical by taking a shallow bath.

Try trying the shower off while using the shower gel and sponge, it is only being washed away before it has a chance to clean anyway so you will be saving on shower gel as well.

Another tip if you have a shower unit that is placed above your bath is to put the plug in the bath while showering and you can then wallow in the water that is now effectively a bath.
It goes without saying that sharing a shower or bath with someone is still a great way of saving money and of course having fun!
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