Sunday, 13 December 2009

Dimmer Swtches Should Be More Widely Used

Dimmer Swtches Should Be More Widely Used

Dimmer switches for lighting in the home have been around every since I can remember. Somehow though the innovation of these has not really been taken up as standard in homes and that is very surprising.

Dimmer switches save energy therefore save you money, but it is not as simple as that for one very good reason. You can’t use dimmer switches with power saving bulbs and this may well be the very reason they are not used in many homes that have already made the switch to energy efficient bulbs. His aside there is sill a massive waste of energy in homes that have standard light bulbs and no dimmer switches.

I myself have energy efficient bulbs in 90% of my only because some of the fitting can’t accommodate them. Where standard light bulbs are used two out of the three places have dimmer switches fitting. The one that isn’t is an outside security light therefore not practicable.

The chances are that your own home hasn’t got these useful dimmer switches that can add a certain romance to the rooms they are installed in. The television become more of a cinema with dimmed lights and your conscience will be aware of the saving on electric being made. Don’t forget full power can always be used if a bright light is needed for reading etc.

You can simply buy dimmer switches in many style and very cheaply. The saving you make on electric will pay for the cost of the change to dimmer switches before you know it. So don’t just think about it, do it, it’s a great tip.
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