Saturday, 26 December 2009

Tip How To Save Money On Wasting Fresh Foods

Tip How To Save Money On Wasting Fresh Foods

You buy fresh food to eat, but how many people end up not eating it and throwing it away as it has past its best. There is a simple solution to this problem where you will be saving money and or course helping cut the waste that so many of us are guilty of.

There are two parts to this solution. The first is quite simple and involves a little calculation and will power. Buying fresh fruit and vegetables are the main culprit of waste, you should know beforehand how much you would need to cover the week's supplies in your household. Stick to your quantity as the grocer undoubtedly will be trying to get you to buy more than you need. Supermarkets are of course experts in this with 3 for the price of 2 a regular taunt to buy more. If you just want 2, just buy two and ask for a discount on these with the offer in mind. this won't work always but always worth asking. Supermarket staff are trained to bend over backwards trying to please so you may be pleasantly surprise if you do ask.

the second method to save money and waste is to get the longest life out of your purchased fresh foods. Ask the manager when the delivery of its fresh fruits and vegetables come in on the shelves. Fruits and vegetables go past their sell by date quickly as they have to be shipped quickly. If they restocks on Monday shop for these products on Monday. You will get a few extra day life on the foods if you do this.

Most people haven't got the courage to ask these things, more fool them! Supermarkets and big grocer stores are making enough money out of you, don't let them palm you off with less than the freshest possible foods and put you in control on how much you want to buy.
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