Friday, 18 December 2009

Face Up To Laser Skin Cures And A New Life Awaits

I have many friends many whom I have not seen for years, school friends, University friends and former work colleague friends. Because my home location has changed many times over the years I loose contact with some, so it is great when I find someone who I haven’t seen for decades. Is happened recently.

I toured America back in 1976 and made many friends there, one in particular living in Los Angeles. I found her again by accident on Facebook. I always remember her for her outgoing personality even though she has a serious condition of port mark stains on her forehead, which she has had since birth. Having this problem was something she had o deal with most of her life, but when I saw a recent picture of her when catching up with all the lost news over the years, these marks had disappeared.

She admitted that her life had changed since she has had treatment to cure these birthmark stains that were so pronounced. Her confidence soared and a new person can about from the marks. She had found a local laser surgery clinic approved by the American Academy of Dermatology. A Celibre Los Angeles Dermatologist had given his assurance that she could be rid of this unfortunate birthmark that has plagued her for so long with modern laser techniques that also treat many other skin disorders.

My friend also had known someone who had had this treatment for a different ailment wrinkles laser treatment for a friend in orange county was another live changing experience and this is what led my friend to go ahead with it.

Needless to say, she is indeed a new person, more bubbly than before and enjoying a new found freedom and this is great to see. We plan to meet next year in Bulgaria (she is richer than me) where we will catch up with things face to face. Something she found hard to do before.

The tip here is to not resign yourself to skin ailments that give you an inferiority complex. The new laser technology can cure, and at a reasonable price, giving a new horizon to whoever has the courage to take it up. My friend has found a renaissance of life from this.
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