Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Tips To Prevent Home Fires This Christmas

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Fire kills and during Christmas and the cold weather fire risks are at their greatest. I have given a few tips on how to reduce the risks and get through Christmas and the New Year unscathed.

  • Candles are a popular during the festive season. The fact that a live fire is being used means that the risks of fire are increased. Don’t let children play with them and keep away from pets that could knock them over. Place them away from material that is combustible such as curtains and always make sure they are put out before retiring to bed.
  • Extension chords may be burdened with extra electrical present as gifts. Make sure you don’t overload them as they can overheat and combust in certain instances.
  • The log fire if you have one may not have been used since last winter. Make sure that it has been cleaned and given a good bill of health. Chimney fires are a common problem with un-maintained chimneys.
  • Always be present with any cooking you are making. A distraction such as guests turning up can easily lead to you forgetting there is something cooking and this often causes kitchen fires.
  • Drink is a common element at Christmas; smokers will tend to be very clumsy with their cigarettes so make sure you keep a beady eye on these people. Again cigarettes are a major cause of fires in the home, especially under the influence of alcohol.
  • If you have smoke alarms, make sure they are working and put fresh batteries in if they run on them.
  • Lastly, the Christmas tree is a big fire hazard if natural and dried out. Have you ever burnt your old used one; it goes up like a towering inferno! Make sure that you tree is watered and this will stop it from becoming inflammable.
With all this on board you should reduce the chances of your Christmas becoming an unforgettable nightmare with the outbreak of fire in your home and turning it into an Happy Christmas.
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