Wednesday, 10 March 2010

New To Blogging? - Take These Tips And Improve

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If you are new to blogging and writing then this may well be just up your street. I have given 10 good tips on how to become a more effective blogger and for your popst sot have more clout online. Writing for blogs takes some technique for you to become good at it. Tips along the way will be useful. you may not remember all of them but even 10% will improve the SEO so vital in this writing format.

  1. There is a tendency to write too much, 200 to 300 word is enough, too much puts people off.
  2. Use links within your post - very important to impress Google
  3. Do like I am doing and make bullet points or number lists
  4. Also write about what you think, this is what blogs are about
  5. The Title and first sentence are the most important, make it turn people's heads
  6. Always go over you blog and check for spelling and grammar, you WILL find mistakes and you WILL improve the post by doing this!
  7. Get emotional about your topic or subject, this will spill over to readers
  8. Look at the layout of you blog post, can reader get to scan it easily, if not they might just move on
  9. You may not know about keywords, but if you do make sure you have ample for Google to eat up
  10. The C word - Consistency, important for followers to remain with you and know what to expect

Even if you just follow some of these tips, you will improve you blogging and get more people reading and following you not to mention little 'brownie points' from Google to improve you ranking.

Happy blogging....... :(


Have you met anne a lay apostle? She has a good following and has many good things to say online. Just a thought.

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