Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Water Helping Lose Weight and Save Money

This blog is just going to give one simple strategy to help you lose weight and save money, it works and will save you money rather than cost you money. What more could you ask for?

In the main, there is a one big reason why people are fat. they eat and drink too much. It's that simple. Not only that but fat people spend more on food and drink only naturally if their intake is bigger.

There are thousands of different systems, scheme and diet regimes to help you lose weight, some work some don't. But the most consistence element in weight losing programmes and diet promotions is that is costs you money, lots of money in many cases. Most are businesses designing diet programmes and the likes are there to make money and therefore getting you to lose weight is never going to be the priority.

What do you drink most of the time, tea, coffee, lemonade or some other soft drinks with sugar? What about diet drinks, does that make you fell better because they are sugar free? What about the chemicals replacing the sugar are these good for you?

All these drinks have one thing in common, they cost money and the reason you drink them is usually because you are thirsty. So it is a double bonus if you rid yourself of sugar based drinks, they will help you reduced calorie intake and save you money. The non sugar based drinks will just save you money. How do you achieve this?

First thing in the morning drink water, drink water with food, and carry a bottle of water with you taking sips throughout the day. you will not ever feel thirsty and the need for other drinks will be less of a temptation.

You don't need to buy water, just use tap water, which actually is more healthy for you than battled water in some tests done in recent years. Tap water is available in most places so even if you run out you can top up easily.

If you can't do without you tea, coffee or sweetened soft drinks then still do the regular water drinking plan. You will find that you will cut down on these other drinks and still save on calorie intake and money.

There you have it, it cost you nothing, saves you lots of money and make you healthier by calorie intake being reduced if followed. Of course you know full well that the type and amount of food you eat is another matter.

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