Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Beat The Winter Blues

Beat The Winter BluesWinter, who needs it, who needs all the colds, flu and viruses that spring up to make your life hell during this time. Then there is the depression people get during winter millions of people low in spirits during these bleak winter months. You can't get rid of winter, but you can do something to combat it.

One of the main reasons for winter blues is the lack of daylight. The days are short and time is spent mostly inside due to the cold.

Getting more light during winter will go quite a way towards solving your winter blues. If your feeling low in winter, simply get kitted up and get outside. If it is a bright day even sitting by a window to get light will help.

If you get the chance and have the time and money go on a winter holiday somewhere sunny.

Your eating habits also can have an affect on how you feel in winter. Eat well during the winter and this will also combat the blues. Don’t forget to eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, you should be eating properly throughout the year anyway.

Keeping active is another way to keep those blues away. Half an hour of exercise every other day will rid itself from your system. It doesn't have to be hard exercise, just light exercise will also benefit you. Get to do it outdoor will be enhance the positive effect it will have on you.

Walking is a great pastime, just a few kilometres a day will give you the daylight and recreation to see you through spring. Try and get some walking during lunchtimes if you work, but don't neglect your food.

So, if your feeling blue, get yourself some daylight and exercise and reward yourself with good healthy food, you will have rid yourself of one of winter's problems.

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