Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hangover Cures - No Old Wives Tales Here

Hangovers, who needs them, prevention is always better then the cure, but this is always though of after the event. With this being the case cures are always going to be in top demand. How do you cure a hangover? What the best and quickest way to get rid of these headaches and sickness?

Let’s look at the real cause. Alcohol drink in excess leads to dehydration; this is what causes many of the symptoms of a hangover.

Alcohol can also play hell with your stomach and ruin you night’s sleep. The other contention is that you may well still have alcohol in our system the following morning. Many claim hangover cures, but most are generally old wives tales the only thing that really cures hangovers is time, but there are some ways to help ease the symptoms.

It all hinges around re-hydrating your body, this will help considerably with dealing uncomfortable symptoms you will have are a hard night’s drinking.

Over the counter painkillers from chemists can help with the headache and muscle cramps. If you go for this use the Paracetamol type as aspirin could give further upset your stomach and make you fell sick.

Sugary foods are always help, but before indulging in sugar based food, and antacid will help settle your stomach before being asked to work overtime.

If you can face it, a vegetable-based soup will give you the vitamins and minerals to top you up again, this will be easy for your stomach to deal with as well. Conitnue to re-hydrate you body by drinking lots of liquids such as water or isotonic drink, little and often is best.

The worse thing you can do is drinking more alcohol, which stupidly some people advocate. It really won't help you at all. Al this will do is prolong the recovery as you will effectively being dehydrating again and you're fell worse after the alcohol effect has worn of - Back to square one!

The medical profession advise that you restrain from drinking alcohol for 48 hours to pass before diving in again. In this time your body will have had enough time to recover.

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