Monday, 16 February 2009

How To Clean A Car Well

How To Clean A Car WellHave you seen the price of car washes nowadays? Extortionate prices, even for automated systems and on top of that the latter don't do a very good job. Even the hand wash services that are scattered around the country don't treat you car like it is their own, no tender love and care is taken when the job is in progress. The only way you can trust your car to be cleaned properly is to do it yourself - An it is pretty easy if you use the system given here.

Cleaning your car regularly maintains the value of your car when you finally want to sell it. There will be no build up of muck that retains moisture and causes rust. It make maintenance easier, almost a pleasure with a clean car. Let's get started.

The things you will need are:

* Hose connected to water * Car shampoo or cheap washing up liquid* * Sponge (the bigger the better) * Bucket of warm/hot water * Stiff Nylon brush * Chamois or micro-fibre cloth

*May people say that washing up liquid shouldn't be used - Bull! - It does the same job as car shampoo and as long as it is rinsed off completely there will be no problems. In essence, specialist car shampoo is a con!

Before you start, think about when you want to clean your car. The best time to clean you car is during the early evening just before sunset. If you car is parked in the shade then you don't have to worry about the time of day. The reason for this is that the if the car bodywork dries too quickly there will be dry marks left before you get to wipe the damp off with the chamois or micro-fibre cloth.

Okay you've got the equipment, the first thing you do is hose down the car, this includes areas such as the wheel and under the wheel arches. Brush the wheels with hot and rinse the worst of the dirt off. If you do this initially it will stop you getting scratches when going over with the sponge

How To Clean A Car WellGive the wheels a good going over with hot water and shampoo/washing up liquid with the brush again. Brush the wheels and tyre wall to remove the dirt and brake dust and rinse with the hose.

The body work is next. Simple mix the car shampoo/washing up liquid in a bucket of warm/hot water. Use the sponge to wash the bodywork by starting from the top of the car and working your way down. Try to use a circular motion and Don’t press too hard as this might cause scratching. Rinse off the soap from the car with the hose, again starting at the top and working your way down.

You're almost there, but the next step is probably the most vital for a good finish. The car should now be thoroughly rinsed so you can now wipe over the paintwork and windows with a chamois or micro-fibre cloth, once again starting from the top working down. You will have to work fast to prevent marks being left, again light work to prevent scratching.

There you have it, a perfectly clean car, you will now have the urge to drive it, but wait. Leave it overnight for the trapped water to dry out. If you drive at speed now you will get the little pools of water sprayed over the car and leave marks. This rule also applied to giving it a waxing, wait over night for the car to dry out completely before applying. You will then be the envy of your neighbours.

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