Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Make Compost For Free

Make Compost For Free Throwing food away is criminal, especially when it has a use. How many time to you visit your kitchen bin and scrape the leftovers into it? Then when full put it into a bigger bin liner and outside for the dustmen to collect. This is the normal practice, but you can change this to your advantage.

It is a fact that 60% of rubbish the average household bins can be composted. all you need is a little space in the yard or garden to put a compost bin. You may well be able to get one for free if you inquire at you local council, even if it is not free, there may be cheaper from them that buying form a gardening centre.

What this does is reduce the amount of rubbish that you 'throw away' and create some great compost for the garden. There is no extra effort involved if you place a container in the kitchen next to your rubbish bin for compost waste which then can be put into the compost bin. If the container is air-tight you won't get any smells in the kitchen and you can then empty it when it is full.

The types of materials you can compost are most food waste, paper, garden waste, grass cuttings, cardboard, newspapers and even the content of you vacuum bag. The key is not to add meat to the compost bin as this will attract vermin.

After a few months, it will save you a trip to the garden centre to buy compost as you will have your own sweet homemade compost for free!

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