Friday, 13 February 2009

Wine Glasses - Get Them Sparkling

We use wine glasses every day and getting them sparkling clean was always a problem until I got a top Bulgarian chef who works in the top Hotel in Yambol to give me some tips.

Firstly, wine glasses that are cleaned properly give wine the pure taste and flavour as opposed to glasses aren’t cleaned properly. This is entirely due to the taint of residue to left over, not pleasant or hygienic either. Any waiters found not to clean glasses properly are severely reprimanded in Hotels in Yambol.

The first tip he gave me was that wine glasses should be cleaned with plates and cutlery should be cleaned separately. The flavours and odours from oils and leftover foods will seep into the wine glass and will have a knock on effect on the taste of the wine, even if the glass looks clean.

Keeping your wine glasses sparkling clean you need to use simple washing techniques with designated glass specific cleaning liquids. If you use normal dishwasher or washing up liquid detergent, this is bound to leave traces of residue.

The water you use needs to be hot, clean and the use of a glass cleaning brush is preferred. Once cleaned the wine glasses are set upside down on a drying rack. This will prevent marks being left on the lips of the wine glasses. The best method is to then dry them with a cloth once drained as soon as possible.

Wine glasses being delicate and fragile you need to treat them gently with no twisting the base or bowl when cleaning. Cleaning glasses is very simple but it has to be done properly to get the perfect sparkling effect with no residue that will spoil the flavour and aroma of the wine.

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