Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Interested In Tattoos? Tattoo Chat City Is For You

I have a very good friend who lives in Burgas on the Black Sea Coast in Bulgaria. We do many things together and have great fun at the seaside when I visit him during the summer and he has a few weeks off work. The thing about my friend is that he is tattoo mad. Many of his other friends are also tattoo mad with pictures and text on all parts of their body. Each time I see him he has another tattoo that he has had done, there will be a point where there will be no more room on his body to fit anymore.

It is often the case that people who have tattoos get tagged with being hard or rough people, I know in parts of south east Asia, having a tattoo is a tag for being a criminal. My experience though is that my friend and all his tattoo crazy friends are the nicest and kindest people you could ever meet. It is only a hobby and something that they all have in common.

Tattoo Chat Room is a free chat site they often go into and use. It is a site dedicated for people whose hobby and business is tattoos. A place to share a passion of body art that is practiced worldwide and growing in popularity.

I for one don't have tattoos, but for those who do, Tattoo Char Site seems like a good place to meet others who do.

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