Friday, 27 February 2009

Keep Cool in the Summer

Keep Cool in the SummerWith Spring and summer fast approaching, let us remind ourselves how to keep cool on those hot and sweaty days. There are quite a few ideas that you may already be aware of, but this the might be some you aren't.

Water is the key to most of out heat problems. It can be used in many ways for example soak your shirt in some lukewarm water in the sink. Give a a quick squeeze and put it on. The go outside and let the air hit the shirt, it will be like a DIY air-conditioner. When dry, repeat the process. Girls, make sure you are in a private place when you do this, you may get an audience otherwise.

If you put a little cold water on your wrists this will also cool you down. Get a damp cloth and place it on other areas where you have a strong pulse that comes through. These areas that you wet will effectively cool you whole body. You can use ice as long as it is not in direct contact with the skin. Wrap some in a tea towel of flannel and it can be used quite safely.

If you place a cold canned or bottled drink against your neck this has good effect it cools the blood which then travels to the brain and the colling happens almost instantaneously.
Wear a wet bandanna and tie it around your neck, this will not only cool you down but also give some form of protection against sunburn.

Have a bath in lukewarm water, unlike hot baths it will stay cool for ages

Don't wipe the sweat away from your body, it is nature's way of cooling you down by the sweat taking the heat away from your body. Place yourself in a breeze all sweaty and let nature do its work.

Keep Cool in the SummerEven if you're not thirsty drink water. If you drink an electrolytes water this will help to make sure you don't lose vital minerals that are lost through sweating. Lemonade and other sugar based drinks won't do the business.

What are you wearing? If indoor and private, just take all your clothes off or just hang around in underwear. Outside , wear swimwear and wear light weight and light coloured cotton based clothing to protect you from the sun. A hat is useful but don't wear it all the time, take it on an off to get some air circulating around your head.

Covering up actually keep your cooler, protect your skin from the sun beating down you'll will be giving your skin shade. Again make sure that the clothing you use is natural fabrics and wear them loose.

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